Conservatives, they thirst for irrelevance

You know, I’d like to think that if Andrew Breitbart were still alive, he’d have put a stop to this nonsense before it got anywhere near the internet. I don’t know, Breitbart just struck me as the kind of guy who would have known what Bono looked like in the year 2012, as opposed to 1992. (I can’t be arsed to go through the eleventy-million Bono pictures on the internet to find one that looks like his current 50-year-old self, but his Wikipedia page has a photo from 2009 at the top. Yeah, that old, fat, gray-haired guy was Bono three years ago. So.)

But Andrew Breitbart is dead, and apparently the idiots are now in charge of the asylum. Then again, he was the guy who let his father-in-law, the ancient character actor Orson Bean, write this bizarre review of the movie War Horse, complaining that the theater version with people dressed in horse costumes was better than the movie because for some reason Bean, who has worked for decades in the movie industry, thinks that the horses in the film were really being injured.

So yeah, this is yet another “conservative” website that was meant to blow the nasssty liberal progressive commie professional “MSM” (gah!) industry to smithereens and bring on a Golden Age of truthful news reportage. Looks like we’re stuck with CNN and the New York Times until Doomsday.


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