I will hack no more forever

I got tired of trying to do something with Textpattern so I’ve moved over here. Call it laziness. And yes, I’m off my own server — that’s going to be used mainly for storage and archiving my stuff and some other projects. WordPress.com offers lots of nice things for free and my one main complaint, that I couldn’t seem to set up a Paypal donation button, is no longer a problem. (I don’t have one up now because I’m okay with funds; but the main thing with WordPress.com is they don’t allow click-thru ads or something but they do have a work-around which was so simple I am embarrassed to admit it didn’t occur to me. Anyway.)

So the Twisted Spinster is back. More twisted than ever, I promise. As you can see if you scroll down the main page I’ve already put up a few posts. Feel free to read and comment.


2 thoughts on “I will hack no more forever

  1. OK I found you again. Went to your old site, then followed the trail here. Hi. I know you’re thrilled that I’m here.

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