Fun With Film

I bought a cheap-o film converter for twenty bucks at CVS. Now I can do something with all those old negatives I have in a box. Here’s my first effort:

mac and cheese

(Click for bigger.) I took this about ten or eleven years ago when I was living in Central Florida. I think I had moved from my studio apartment to a one bedroom that was still pretty small, but not as small as the studio. The image quality isn’t the greatest, but what do you want for twenty bucks. Also, the negatives were in a box and had gone through several moves and storage in a variety of temperatures. These were at least in negative protectors. The converter also does slides and photos, but I don’t have any of the former (I haven’t gotten into slide film yet) and I have a regular scanner for photos. Though I wonder if just using this will be easier, at least to get quick copies up on the internet. Note: it only does 35mm film (again, what do you want for twenty bucks), but I’ve got a pile of that.