Car Follies, and other things

Okay, it’s my fault for waiting until almost the last day to get my car inspected. Virginia has this detailed car inspection thing you have to do every year. (Why did I move from Florida again? Oh yeah. No job. Anyway…) My regular mechanic being booked forever, as well as the guy he recommended I call, I ended up getting up at the crack of dawn today and going to National Ripoff Tire Chain. The inspection itself is a fixed fee, but this place has done “things” that cost extra before. I told them to give me an estimate first if anything came up.

Well, my car being a tad elderly, something came up. Several somethings. I took one look at their estimate and said “give me the rejection sticker, I want to talk to my regular mechanic.” The rejection sticker gives you fifteen days to fix whatever it is.

So I took my car and its new pink sticker with the giant black circle with a slash through it (could they be any more humiliating?) and went to my mechanic and showed him the estimate from National Ripoff Tire Chain. When he stopped laughing, he got on his smartphone and checked some prices and told me to come back on the 11th and he could fix everything for less than half what National Ripoff Tire Chain wanted. So I get to drive around with a big black and pink zero on my car, yay.

But that’s not all. I had to renew my registration as well. Virginia gives you a discount if you do it on the internet. But I’d waited until (again) almost the last day which meant I needed to print out the temporary registration paper to carry around so I wouldn’t get a ticket for not having my registration on me. (They mail them out.) But I had been needing to get a black ink cartridge for my printer for quite some time, so it was off to Staples.

Did I forget to mention I had been at National Ripoff Tire Chain for nearly four hours even though I was the second person there when they opened the doors and a bunch of people came ahead of me? Yeah.

Well I got home and printed off my registration. Then I remembered my city parking pass needed renewing as well. So I walked three blocks to city hall to get the parking pass. It is now after 1 pm and I’m hungry. So I walked to Hardees because it was nearby and cheap. I walked a lot today.

Well that was my day. In writing news, I bought a big five-subject spiral bound notebook. I’m going to try some handwriting to see if that will get my creative juices flowing. I just realized that that phrase is kind of disgusting. Think about it.


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