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I’ve come across a perfect example of the sort of book cover art I will not be using for my finished novels. Now, it’s not that I think these are bad covers — they just aren’t to my taste. This sort of loud, sensationalist, huge screaming title book cover is something that I hate in American publishing styles. They look like they promise thrills! and heightened emotion and tension that never lets up! and crashing climaxes both dramatic and you-know-what! and basically look like the book they cover will explode in your hands! Grant you these are covers specifically for ebooks. But they look just like the covers of a lot of paper books. What can I say, this stuff isn’t me. My stories are rather deficient in the sort of exciting action scenes that have carried over into books from the movies and video games, that that people seem to be expecting now everywhere. (I’m waiting for the first presidential election to feature CGI and the candidates battling it out on tv in mecha-suits.)

Anyway, I’m sorry to make such a horrible example of this guy — it’s just that I couldn’t resist a complete display of the sort of book cover art I don’t like. Well, what do you like, you hussy? I hear you ask. Well, stuff like this. Admit that is cool. It’s simple, dramatic, yet understated at the same time. This one is nice, too. These covers of some books by an Iranian author are gorgeously understated.

And here’s my favorite style of all! Bright colors, simple design, no ambiguity or misleading sensationalism… I think I’ve found a winner for my science fiction bildungsroman set on a colony on a planet in a galaxy far far away. 😈

4 thoughts on “Book covers

  1. Personally, I find those generic book covers hilarious. You get the strong impression that the writing they contain is similarly assembly-line generated.

    I guess they are the new millenium’s answer to the seventies’ paperbacks, the ones with groovy lettering and a painting of a naked chick somewhere on the cover (regardless of topic or content).

    • I kind of liked the groovy lettering of Seventies book covers (minus the naked women — not that there’s anything wrong with naked women but it was always naked women, never men), but that sort of design really wouldn’t fit what I write.

  2. You’d be surprised (or not, I suppose) to know how many people buy books based upon the cover (or wine by the label).

    • When you grow up reading science fiction paperbacks whose lurid, purple-monster-grasping-a-naked-green-maiden covers resembled nothing of what was within said covers, you learn (or at least I did) to basically avoid looking at book covers, except to find out the author and the title. I do admit I sometimes buy wine if it has a pretty or interesting label, though the price being affordable has more sway over my decision.

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