Ahttp://twitchy.com/2012/04/30/twitter-you-have-a-problem/#reblogdd You know what, maybe it’s time conservatives dropped Twitter. If it’s that easy to abuse the flag-for-spam option (and it is — I flag pr0n Twitter accounts and m4rk3ting accounts all the time, but I thought the Twitter staff checked first, guess I was wrong) then it’s not an efficient social media app any more. Bite the bullet, consies, and delete your accounts.


Don’t fly the groping skies

There is something I don’t understand. Why do people who are staunch protestors against the intrusive, degrading, oppressive screening practices of the TSA still patronize the airlines? Not that I am blaming the airports and airlines for the security measures that are now supposedly keeping terrorists from flying more commercial aircraft into buidings — we the people demanded that the government et al “make us safe!” and they are complying in a way they seem to think is effective. Be that as it may, if you are so against what is being done to people every day at airports across the nation, there is only so much you can protest via words on a blog. So far none of the angry diatribes on websites across the internet have had any effect in lowering the instances of people being harassed for no reason (because so far the number of terrorists attacks perpetrated in this country by old women and infants in the cradle have been nil), and it is clear that more drastic measures need to be taken to rein in our new fascist overlords of the airways.

Okay, okay Mr. TSA spy, you can put your shoe-phone back on; I am referring to measures like refusing to fly. Yes I’m serious — even if you have to be somewhere real quick soon now just think about what’s more important: that you get to that next book signing or conference or what-have-you, or that we make some attempt to push back against the current fad to turn the country into a giant prison? I know what I chose. I refuse to fly anywhere. Of course, it’s easy for me — I don’t have a career where I need to get to distant places fast. Still, I think it’s time people put their money where their keyboard is and maybe take a hit to their wallet. It’s not 1950 — if anyone wants an interview there’s this thing called “video conferencing.” And so on. Until I see more people refusing to fly no matter their personal inconvenience, and start to see the airports and airlines suffer because of it (which suffering will get their lobbyists petitioning Uncle Sam right quick to change some laws), I’m just going to put the “activism” of anti-TSAers in the “cute little hobby” file.

We’re not gonna take it

Correspondence with certain people in some forums has alerted me to the fact that people don’t understand where I got my internet handle (or whatever you call “the Twisted Spinster”). They seem to think it means… well, anything from knitting to kinky sex. Sorry to disappoint both corners of the internet, but it’s simply a riff off the name of this group:

I also go the blog’s slogan from this song. Anyway, I’m off to do a bit of headbanging while making devil signs. RAWK ON.

Interval: “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?

Not you, blondie. For one thing: a self-satisfied smirk is not pretty. Look at that girl’s face. Is that the face that launched a thousand ships — carrying men and women fleeing the spoiled princess brat who thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips? I think so. For another, ho-hum, another blond, blue-eyed white girl is chosen by a bunch of white people as the paragon of beauty for all humanity. Look, we’ve been here before. In a few generations this will seem so silly, because there won’t be any white people, as such, left. Standards of beauty will be very different. So, you know, quit doing this. It serves no purpose other than to signal to anyone who isn’t pale, blond, blue-eyed, and around eighteen years old that they just might as well up and kill themselves.

On a side note, I personally have never understood the concept of the “hot blonde.” Blond hair just does nothing for me, and I don’t get the idea that it’s supposed to be some sort of pinnacle of beauty and sexiness to have blond hair. I think blondes just look sort of washed out, and it’s really easy for them to look old (especially as blond hair tends to come with the sort of fragile white skin that ages quickly and tans unevenly if at all). Give me a brunette or a redhead any day. (Via.[Update: fixed wrong link.])

Sex Crime

I propose we solve our problems of unwed motherhood and large numbers of abortions this way: provide free birth control to anyone who wants it, at any age, no questions asked.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be pregnant if they don’t want to be. This is the 21st Century, not the 19th, and it’s time we acted like we lived in the modern world. That means accepting a number of things:

  • People are going to keep on having sex whenever they want instead of waiting until marriage.
  • Women are not going to return to a life restricted to two options: sex with marriage (and children), and no marriage with no sex.
  • Men are not going to stop persuading women to have sex with them. Note I did not say “return to a life where they didn’t try to persuade women to have sex with them” because that time period has never existed in human history.
  • Pregnancy is not punishment.

That last one is most important, I think. So far, the human race has used pregnancy and children to punish women for having sex. That’s basically it, really — the idea that we think of pregnancy as the “price” women are supposed to pay for having a good time explains so much about what is dysfunctional in humanity. And before you start, no, I don’t think men have ever suffered overmuch ever. For one thing, men don’t get pregnant. At most they suffer sympathetically for the woman, and then the kid keeps them awake at night, and raising a child is not always fun, and is often expensive. Still the important part of the burden falls on the woman because of human physiology.

Birth control frees women (and men, but I don’t really care about men’s problems in this area) from that worry. Yes, there is still a percentage of people for whom the Pill doesn’t work and condoms do break. Still, this is all we have right now. It’s certainly better than women had one hundred years ago. For those few unfortunates who end up pregnant despite taking precautions, there is still the choice to have the child, have it and give it up for adoption, or have an abortion. Personally I’m for the second choice, because adoption is how I got here, but it’s not my choice to make. And that’s why I’m not going for “okay we can have this as long as abortions are outlawed.” Sorry, no. I’m not playing the trade-off game, for one thing. There is no reason for it when simply preventing pregnancy in the first place will put a large dent in the number of abortions performed. The other reason is as I have stated: what another woman chooses to do with her body and its contents is not my choice to make, nor is it anyone else’s but the woman’s.

One more thing you’ll like even less than all of the above: by “free” I mean, of course, paid for by taxpayer money. Think of it this way: right now taxes are paying for medical care for single mothers and their children, for jails to put whichever of these kids went bad because no daddy around, for schools for these kids, for welfare checks for these mothers who can’t work because they’re always pregnant, for hospital care for women who went to abortion clinics and got sick, for women who had miscarriages, and so on. One thing I kept reading on conservative blogs after the Sandra Fluke mess was that birth control was really cheap, like a few dollars a month! I don’t know about that (even twelve years ago when I was on the Pill it cost me $35.00 a month), but I do know that hospitals and schools and jails and enough welfare to live on costs a whole lot more than $9.00 a month. So. How about it?

Yeah I know. It will never happen. We’re simply too invested in controlling how much sex women have, and making sure that they think of their pregnant bellies and babies as punishment for having a good time. I just don’t understand why.

I swear I will get to these one day real soon now

I have some ideas for posts that I mean to get to when I’m not driving around or doing other things. They are:

Part Two of why the Seventies were in many ways so much better than the years to follow.

Poor people have to smile and be nice all the time if they want to get treated like human beings. Rich people can be cranky assholes and still be beloved. This does not say anything good about our society.

How to solve the problem of too many abortions: dispense birth control free to anyone who wants it, at any age, at any time. Of course this will be at taxpayer expense. If we are so concerned as a nation about all those poor killed fetuses, it’s time we showed it.

Speaking of babies, I think we need to develop the technology to grow them in vats. Really. Pregnancy is very hard on a woman’s health, even a healthy woman. Why can’t we just grow our babies in vats instead? I don’t believe in all that mystical mother-baby-womb bullshit. I’m adopted, and always regarded my adopted parents as my real ones. Grow babies in vats, and free up women from yet another physical burden.