Coming Attractions

If you thought my previous post was irritating/incendiary/shocking/stupid wait until the next one. Haha. Bwahahaha. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😈

Ahem. Anyway. I have stuff I want to post about, but I promised myself honestagod I’d actually do some real writing (as in, work on my novels/stories) instead of goofing off on the internet and blogging about silly random stuff.

Also, I can’t figure out why “the Hunger Games” is my biggest tag. I’m pretty sure I only used that tag a couple of times. Okay, maybe I need to use other tags more than once then.

4 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. It wasn’t your post that was irritating/incendiary/shocking/stupid, but the overflow from the septic tank that is Mitchieville.

    Actually, none of the commentary (if you can dignify it with that term) was incendiary or shocking – more juvenile and banal.

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