Fascism currently at 37% and rising

There goes another state crossed off my list to visit: Arizona basically just banned the internet. As long as all the Twilight Moms in Phoenix are safe from seeing somebody’s pee-pee on a Facebook wall, I guess it’s okay!


5 thoughts on “Fascism currently at 37% and rising

  1. The rise of Fascism in America is pretty scary stuff. Where have all the adults gone?

    Up here in Progressive Canada, we have dedicated Islamic centers of worship in our public schools. This is, and you will surely agree (as it is our progressive elites who run the education department who have implemented this policy; and being progressive, progressive) is a solid anti-Fascist policy. Progressives are all about being anti fascist.

    Let us hope public spending on programs can stop the spread of Fascism. The other 63 percent do not want to see mass arrests, concentration camps, and anti-Zionists made into soap.

    • As I am unfamiliar with what protections Canada has against the usage of public spaces for religious services, I cannot give you any suggestions or advice. I am of course in solidarity with all peoples who do not wish to be arrested, en masse or singly; who do not desire to set up concentration camps or be sent to such; and who have no interest in being made (or in making others) into soap.

    • Progressives are all about being anti fascist.

      That’s a bloody lie. Progessives/liberals/leftists are fascists, fascism being a right-wing variant of socialism. That’s why the progessive/liberal/left gets along so swimmingly with the Islamists – they both are enamoured of totalitarianism.

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