Today in Misogyny

Guys? Protip: women are on the internet, reading your complaints about your psycho-ex-girlfriend, that you figure you were attracted to because “everyone knows” the cray-cray means she’s always ready to go. You figure it’s compensation for “putting up” with her mental problems. You know what I figure? You’re a rapist. You want to know why? A woman with mental problems might not be able to fully consent to having sex with you. Did you ever think of that when you were getting your jollies off? Or was that part of the attraction?

And talking about her like that on a public forum, as if the fact that she slept with you meant her body was now public property. I’d say “shame on you” but I think you’re beyond shame. So go ahead. Call me a humorless feminazi. I don’t fucking care.

(No links to the comment thread that set me off. It doesn’t really matter anyway — remarks like this are legion wherever — sadly — American men congregate. They never break up with a woman because the relationship just doesn’t work out. No, it was always “she was totally crazy but I’m going to save my masculinity here that is threatened by the idea of me being pussy-whipped by a neurotic female and tell you all that the sex was spectacular.”)


5 thoughts on “Today in Misogyny

  1. Yeah, nothing says ‘masculine’ like whining about your disgustingly self-centered, mercenary behaviour in an anonymous forum.

  2. On a comment thread I wasted time reading through a while ago there was one guy claiming that all women are boring and interchangeable because every date he’d gone on was full of boring conversation (which is why he liked to just “skip to the sex”). Another commenter beat me out on a reply to this: that there was a common factor to all of his boring dating experiences but it wasn’t the women.

    Likewise I’m suspicious of people who claim that all of their exes are “psychos.” If they’re really telling the truth it means that they have consistently bad judgment and/or predatory tendencies, moving in on people who are more vulnerable. And if they’re lying it means they’re slanderous jerks. A really great person to be with either way, right?

  3. “And talking about her like that on a public forum…”

    Hey, would Captain Nemo ever tell tales out of bed? Heavens, no. And don’t tell me it’s because he never had any wild times with crazy chicks. But you’d never hear about it from him. A gentleman is discreet.

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