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For some reason kicked me out. It does that periodically, I don’t know why. Or did I accidentally click the log out thing? It’s easy with this laptop touchpad to hit things by accident.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to catch up on my Kindle reading. I found and downloaded a few free e-books and some not so free and will try to get them read and reviewed. Right now I’m working on a light-hearted mystery with slight paranormal overtones, fortunately written for people with a higher reading comprehension level than the usual one assumed for YA readers. So far it’s engaging and fun but there are a few elements that worry me. One: the heroine mentions how she hates rodents. (She’s in a dark basement of a burnt-out building and thinks she hears a rat or something.) I realize that a lot of people, male and female, really do have a rodent-phobia, but it’s become such a hoary old clichĂ© that I can’t believe it still gets used, especially when the character it’s used for is female. I don’t know, it just bugged me. Just once I want to read about a female heroine who has a pet rat, or relaxes when the mysterious noise in the dark cellar is “only a mouse.” There are some other things that annoy me about the story, like the rival boyfriends (current and ex-) who keep trying to “protect” her. Current BF even puts her in a jail cell in one scene (he is a policeman) which elicited from me instant RAEG. So right now I’m hoping the happy end of this thing includes her dumping the guy, or his groveling apology. However, this is an American book so I doubt I’ll get that.

Two non-American works I finished recently were two Jules Verne classics: Mysterious Island and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. I’ll say more about those soon but I thought I’d just mention I am now in love with Captain Nemo. Seriously, he is my fictional dead husband. What’s not to love? Smarter than everyone, afraid of nothing, told the entire world to fuck right off and went to explore the briny deep and unknown places like Antarctica in the submarine he invented himself… Okay, so he went through a kind of weird space for a while with the whole sinking the ships of the British Empire for revenge for losing his kingdom in India, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. He got better. Marry me, Captain Nemo! I don’t care that you’re not real. In fact, that makes it a perfect match.


5 thoughts on “Reading and possible future reviews

  1. Current BF even puts her in a jail cell in one scene […]

    Sounds like something, in a light-hearted mystery, to give the P. G. Wodehouse treatment to.

    • I’ve never read any Wodehouse so I am unfamiliar with the reference. I’ll just say now that the character in question is at least 1) given opportunities to tell off her boyfriend and everyone else who tries to push her around, and 2) he does kind of learn his lesson at the end. (I finished reading it last night and will put up a quicky review later.)

      • Wodehouse is fun when you’re in the mood – breezy and insouciant. Warning: a friend who is a writer said she positively couldn’t read Wodehouse while working on a book because she found herself unintentionally imitating his style.

        Wodehouse would likely have (and might have for all I know) written it as a bumbling attempt by a not-o’erly-bright swain to protect his lady love.

  2. Captain Nemo is already married to the sea and wedded to vengeance, but maybe he’s not opposed to having a third wife.

    The only book I can think of off the top of my head where the heroine gets along with a rat is a children’s book, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, where she feeds a rat that lives in the walls in her attic room and it becomes her pet sort of.

    • I am totally down with being wedded to vengeance. Every day something happens that needs to be avenged. As to the sea, for me, not so much. But maybe I’d do better under it than on top of it.

      Re girls and rats: the only book I’ve read by Burnett is The Secret Garden. It wasn’t as twee as I thought it would be. But it’s funny that a writer in Ye Olde Victorian Tymes would think nothing of a mere girl befriending a rat, but today the “woman shrieking and climbing up on her chair when she sees a rodent” is a standard trope. In actual real life, I had female friends who had pet rats.

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