Spring Photo Interlude

Urgh, unexpected cold weather was unexpected. I had to take the car to the mechanic today, and I walked back home, and nearly froze. I thought two sweaters, a scarf, and a knit cap would keep me warm, but it is cloudy and windy and it was in the low forties or high thirties (now it’s about 46 — all temps given in Fahrenheit btw). I’m just not into it any more, I guess, because I’m really feeling the cold today. The perpetual Cough of Doom isn’t helping, though it’s not so bad today; maybe the higher humidity is keeping it down, or something.

Anyway, I’m rooting around in my collection of photos for something spring-like. Have some:

Okay, psych, those are from last spring, when we had a late snowfall. It’s not supposed to snow today, but it sure feels like it could.


4 thoughts on “Spring Photo Interlude

  1. And wow, you know what — my friend informs me they had snow flurries today just a few miles west of here, so I was right in feeling that it was like snow weather.

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