Interval: Musings #1

You know I’ve been thinking that of all countries that could best replace the Soviet Union as the Big Totalitarian Bad, the US of A is the best candidate. Not China, as everyone seems to think. It’s the US that has the biggest military, the biggest budget, the most resources, and a citizenry whose will to stop its slide into fascism seems to stop at ranting at the tv news. Well, we’ll know sooner or later if I was right.


5 thoughts on “Interval: Musings #1

  1. Have you heard of any friends or acquaintances getting a job, or losing one, because of a relaitonship with some Party member? I admit that’s pretty weak tea as far as trying to determine if one lives in a fascist dystopia, but if it’s not widespread in one’s immediate environs, it might not be time to don the Guy Fawkes mask.

    Not yet, at least.

    • Why would I have to have friends or acquaintances being affected for my musings to have any validity? And why are you using jobs of all things as a gauge? I was thinking of things like the fact that we have the biggest military and a government increasingly uncaring (this goes way back to before Obama so this has nothing to do with any administration) about its citizenry and less and less inclined to pay attention to what people really want in this country. For example: everyone pretty much across the political spectrum hates the TSA and its shenanigans. Has anyone in DC so much as peeped about dismantling the needlessly intrusive security procedures inflicted on people who merely want to travel? And that’s just one thing. There’s the way government land is managed, the way more and more laws are making it impossible for ordinary citizens to get through a day without breaking one of them, etc.

      And in any case, nepotism has always existed, yes in this pristine country as well. That’s an old problem but it’s hardly a harbinger of fascism. I wish the worst problem we had was people seeding government departments with friends and relatives.

  2. Although it occured to me, even as I clicked “Post Comment”, that wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in a real fascist dictatorship would be a pretty silly way to announce, “Over here! Yoo hoo! I want my skull caved in with a piece of hickory right this minute!”

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