I guess I’m not done with this after all.

Steve Sailer asks who I’d rather have as a neighbor: Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.

Okay, I’ll play. You know what, dead guys are pretty peaceful, so I guess it’s Martin for the win! Welcome, neighbor! (No, no Xena — don’t gnaw at his eyes. I don’t care if he’s dead and cats love to nosh on eyeballs, you don’t eat a neighbor’s eyes.)

We do remember that Trayvon Martin is actually really dead, don’t we? You know, dead, as in, it doesn’t matter that maybe he wasn’t going to grow up to be a Scary Black Thug who will break into the houses of nice white people and steal their jewelry, all the while Ominously Not Smiling. Because he’s dead. Six feet under. Kicked the bucket. Not pining for the fjords. He’s an ex hoodie-wearing, walking through his dad’s neighborhood, wondering what the fuck this weirdo wanted with following him, black kid.

By the way, no, I don’t think George Zimmerman is a racist anti-christ slavering demonic killer. The fact remains, though, that his gun killed someone who had no gun. This is a serious thing and we’re still arguing about whether or not it’s okay to talk about all the other human races that went into George Zimmerman’s makeup and how that should absolve all white people everywhere from anything bad that happens to black people because it’s not our fault and why don’t you like us we freed you people and stopped segregating schools and gave you the vote and stopped making you drink out of those tiny water fountains that made you bend over so you could always remember how inferior you were and god why do you people have to be so ungrateful and why won’t you stop listening to that awful rap-hop stuff and why can’t you just remember we’re the ones who invented everything and went to the moon. The fucking moon!

In the Seventies it was generally acknowledged, by people of all races, that in the future the races would intermarry and blend together and that meant no more white people and that was considered cool and a great thing to look forward to. It won’t solve, I am sure, the tendency of human beings to invent dumbass reasons to hate each other, but at least our multiracial descendants won’t have to eat this particular brand of shit.

Added: Oh man, and in my RAEG I completely forgot to point this out:

My vague impression is that younger people in America are trending in the direction of Zimmerman rather than Martin: away from outlawry, toward pro-social behavior, conformism, authoritarianism, and so forth.

This is quoted favorably by Kathy Shaidle, who likes to flaunt her old punk cred. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was never a punk (I went to lots of punk concerts, but the lifestyle did not appeal to me), but for some reason the thought that American teens, the same horrible monsters that according to the news are bullying each other to suicide when they aren’t joining gangs or fucking each other into multi-unwed-parent-hood, are growing more conformist, more into authoritarianism, more “pro-social” (whatever the fuck that is that’s different from the usual teenage “I can’t wipe myself without texting my friends first!” bullshit), does not fill me with thankfulness and joy. And talk about a false dichotomy — as if there was nothing but the choice to be a criminal rapist thug and a joyless obedient drone. As if those two states of being were the only way to exist. What the fuck, America, what the fuck?

Update: guys? Things not to do here: don’t say something like “you need to be upset with this entirely other person/situation or else your current argument is invalid!” I don’t recall what its official name is, but I call this the “Cyberman Pwns You” argument. (In an old episode of the Classic Doctor Who series, I don’t remember which one, one of the Doctor’s friends is berating a Cyberman for attacking and killing some people. The Cyberman retorts, “thousands of people are dying every day — you don’t care about them!”)


11 thoughts on “I guess I’m not done with this after all.

  1. Zimmerman’s gun might have killed someone who had no gun, but if Martin was using concrete to bang Zimmerman’s head and had the size on Zimmerman, then Martin was using deadly force and Zimmerman could use deadly force to defend himself. The evidence I’ve seen is that Zimmerman’s head was split. So the theme at his trial should be “If his head was split, you must acquit.”

    BTW, speaking of what the fuck, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly the media seized on Matthew Owens’s arrest record, and how long it took for them to come up with anything negative about Martin. Then again maybe it doesn’t mean anything. .

    • That’s for the court to decide.

      Who the fuck is Matth– you know what, don’t tell me. I don’t fucking care.

      • Okay I won’t tell you. But my point is that if you care about Martin and don’t care about Owens, could it be because of the the media spin on Martin? Personally if someone was using the media to manipulate me, I’d like to know about it..

      • Okay, I went and looked up Matthew Owens. So, it seems he’s some white guy (unless it comes out that he has a Chinese-Andalusian grandmother and a Nigerian-Iranian aunt that hasn’t been brought up yet) that got beaten up badly by some persons for reasons so far unproven in a court of law so I won’t discuss them, and that’s definitely awful and the perpetrators should go to jail. However, your introduction of this unfortunate man into this discussion is a classic case of derailing — basically, you are playing the “so you’re upset about this person but you aren’t upset about this person over here so that means there is a problem with your argument!” — and I will not permit any more of it here. Any further mentions of Matthew Owens will be deleted.

  2. I long for the day when we stop talking about what white people are doing or did to black people, and just focus on what one person does to another. I personally think that all this “hate crime” stuff is BS. There are no “love crimes.” Either something is a crime or it isn’t. If you beat up a guy because he’s black (or white) then you are an asshole. Which isn’t a crime, unfortunately. But beating somebody up is, and has been for a long time. I don’t think you should get hammered harder because of WHY you committed the crime. This “social justice” crap won’t end well for our society. It begets vigilante justice, which begets retaliation, which devolves into a never-ending cylce of Hatfields vs. McCoys.

    I don’t understand why some groups have to work so hard to perpetuate the grievance mongering. No white American alive today owned a black slave. No black American alive today WAS a slave. Why do we have to keep revisiting the crimes of the past as some sort of justiification or rationalization for all manner of negative attitudes today? It’s 2012 for fucks sake.

    • I agree that the grievance mongering is stupid and detrimental to society. We have real problems in race relations and how we see ourselves as a whole, and the media is part of the problem — they incite things to get eyeballs on their shows and websites. Now these people — the grievance mongerers, the media — don’t do what they do for the lulz — they’ve convinced themselves that they are doing this out of righteous belief they are fighting injustice. But they are perpetuating it instead.

      I also don’t believe in “hate crimes.” I do think that there are people who are motivated to attack others out of racism or other hatreds, but that doesn’t make the nature of their crimes even more heinous — for example, if a person burns down a building for the insurance money, and another person burns down a building because black people use it, and both arsonists think the buildings are empty, but they aren’t and in both events one or more persons of color die, is the racist more of a murderer than the insurance fraudster just because the latter hated and the former didn’t? Another problem is that focusing on “hate crimes” allows people who don’t commit actual crime but who adhere to racist ideologies to think of themselves as good people, because hey, they aren’t breaking the law! And you know, they aren’t — it isn’t against the law to be a racist, and it shouldn’t be, because a law that criminalizes one set of beliefs can and will be used against any others. But if you are a racist, you are not a good person. You believe some human beings are of less worth than others because of something as superficial as skin color and ancestry. It’s not against the law not to be 100% good either — then we’d all be in jail.

  3. I don’t understand the whole “I still read blogs by people I don’t like anymore” thing. Especially when those people have been praising your writing for years and responded to your blegs and told their readers to, too.

    I KNOW it’s not because I’m thin and married and don’t have to move all the time and get paid to write full time. But maybe I’m wrong.

    • I still like your blog, fwiw. (Except for the talk radio stuff, but I just skip that.) But you’ve just been coming up with a lot of stuff lately that I find.. problematic. I mean, I don’t know what other response I’m supposed to have to the idea that dead black kids are fair game just because a media circus has erupted around their corpses. Race relations are still very difficult in the US, and mocking some dead kid and his family isn’t helping. Yes, attack Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton et al, and as well the instant impulse to treat Martin like he was some kind of innocent little angel. (I don’t think mentioned my disgusted reaction to this — I should have. For example, when the newspapers kept quoting some teacher of his who said he “majored in cheerfulness” my only response was “Ugh.” I mean, I hate that stuff. It plays into the idea that you better be happy and smile all the time or else you’re less of a person. However, people with wealth and power are exempt from this social rule. Rich people can act like assholes. Poor people can’t. I mean to write a blog post about this one of these days, because it’s been one of my life’s irritants.)

      Anyway, what I’ve been seeing in libertarian and conservative circles is a general hardening of rhetoric and narrowing of mind and I just can’t take it any more. I understand where it’s coming from — the disappointments of the past eleven years, the bad economy (which everyone participated in — we can’t just blame that on Obama and the democrats), the war (war is punishment, not building schools and “capturing hearts and minds,” and we forgot that, and it’s biting us in the ass), Obama isn’t a very good president, and so on. I understand, but I can’t approve. I wasn’t raised to have a tribal cast of mind, and I can’t make myself think that way. If that means I’m an outcast, so be it. I’ve been there before.

      PS: I meant to thank you for the compliments over the years. I’m not sure I deserved them all — especially the ones about how I should have my own professional newspaper column. See, I’m the worst sort of person to write for a living like that. I’m much too lazy, and not only that, I change my mind and position all the time as I find out new things and feel the need to break out of habits and ruts. Imagine if I’d been a columnist for a conservative organ and had written the post I’m going to write some day soon now, about how I’ve decided I think birth control should be freely dispensed and paid for by taxpayer money. I’d be Derbyshired before I lifted my finger from the “send” key. Also something about deadlines and having to write to order shuts me down. It’s a personal flaw, probably.

    • Whoops, I had to go to work, and forgot to get to this:

      I KNOW it’s not because I’m thin and married and don’t have to move all the time and get paid to write full time. But maybe I’m wrong.

      Aw, hey, don’t hate me because I’m footloose, fancy free, and there’s more of me to love. A lot more. A whole lot more. Okay, maybe I can do to lose a couple of pounds. I’m big boned, okay!

      Srsly for real, I’m great with people living the life they want to live, and looking good while doing it. I don’t do that envy thing. Personally, I never wanted to get married, and I kind of like moving around. Well, the actual moving is a pain in the ass, but I like living different places. So don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

  4. […] Zimmerman’s makeup and how that should absolve all white people everywhere from anything bad that happens to black people […]

    No, Zimmerman’s makeup doesn’t absolve anyone of anything. Nor does it condemn them.

    • Well yeah, I know it doesn’t, and you know it doesn’t, but these other people keep bringing it up as if it meant fuckall. And it doesn’t.

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