I swear I will get to these one day real soon now

I have some ideas for posts that I mean to get to when I’m not driving around or doing other things. They are:

Part Two of why the Seventies were in many ways so much better than the years to follow.

Poor people have to smile and be nice all the time if they want to get treated like human beings. Rich people can be cranky assholes and still be beloved. This does not say anything good about our society.

How to solve the problem of too many abortions: dispense birth control free to anyone who wants it, at any age, at any time. Of course this will be at taxpayer expense. If we are so concerned as a nation about all those poor killed fetuses, it’s time we showed it.

Speaking of babies, I think we need to develop the technology to grow them in vats. Really. Pregnancy is very hard on a woman’s health, even a healthy woman. Why can’t we just grow our babies in vats instead? I don’t believe in all that mystical mother-baby-womb bullshit. I’m adopted, and always regarded my adopted parents as my real ones. Grow babies in vats, and free up women from yet another physical burden.

3 thoughts on “I swear I will get to these one day real soon now

  1. I’ll go for dispensing free birth control.

    As long as abortion is, excepting the life of the mother, is outlawed.

    • Nope, I’m not hanging my idea on any sort of compromise or “as long as we can also do this” thing. This is going to be a stand-alone deal. But let’s leave any further discussion of this to my actual post on the subject.

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