Interlude: gifts from the World Wide Web

I’ve been a little cranky lately and I just wanted to show you, my readers, all 2.4 of you, a bit of love. So here you are:

Well you got so cranky when you found me oiling your bedroom window… by the way, can we talk about that restraining order? No? Hey, wait– Come back here! I was going to make cappuccino!

(Image stolen from courtesy of the Oatmeal.


6 thoughts on “Interlude: gifts from the World Wide Web

  1. Wood-chipping is so “Saddam’s Iraq.” I’d use chemical disposal. You probably haven’t heard of it. I’ve been interested in body disposal for a lot longer than most …. hey, crowd behind a guy much? Yes, I see the chipper, it’s – nice, OK? Anyway, I was talki—-


      • True story: one of my journalism classes involved writing one’s own obituary as an exercise. Most of the eager students wrote about their long careers as Famous Journalists or celebrities or other things. (Aside – this is why I never buy that “past life” nonsense. EVERYONE turns out to be a royal or a historical figure or some such; nobody was ever Piss Boy. This exercise demonstrated why.)

        My obit was that I got flattened by a campus bus while biking to my job as a waiter. I filled it with quotes of heartfelt concern for the condition of the bus, and people trying to claim the mangled bike for scrap. My epitath: “Mike is dead, hit in the head. He’ll never grow old, he’ll grow flowers instead.”

      • 😀 Your classmates must have been pissed. You made them all look like pompous idiots.

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