Don’t fly the groping skies

There is something I don’t understand. Why do people who are staunch protestors against the intrusive, degrading, oppressive screening practices of the TSA still patronize the airlines? Not that I am blaming the airports and airlines for the security measures that are now supposedly keeping terrorists from flying more commercial aircraft into buidings — we the people demanded that the government et al “make us safe!” and they are complying in a way they seem to think is effective. Be that as it may, if you are so against what is being done to people every day at airports across the nation, there is only so much you can protest via words on a blog. So far none of the angry diatribes on websites across the internet have had any effect in lowering the instances of people being harassed for no reason (because so far the number of terrorists attacks perpetrated in this country by old women and infants in the cradle have been nil), and it is clear that more drastic measures need to be taken to rein in our new fascist overlords of the airways.

Okay, okay Mr. TSA spy, you can put your shoe-phone back on; I am referring to measures like refusing to fly. Yes I’m serious — even if you have to be somewhere real quick soon now just think about what’s more important: that you get to that next book signing or conference or what-have-you, or that we make some attempt to push back against the current fad to turn the country into a giant prison? I know what I chose. I refuse to fly anywhere. Of course, it’s easy for me — I don’t have a career where I need to get to distant places fast. Still, I think it’s time people put their money where their keyboard is and maybe take a hit to their wallet. It’s not 1950 — if anyone wants an interview there’s this thing called “video conferencing.” And so on. Until I see more people refusing to fly no matter their personal inconvenience, and start to see the airports and airlines suffer because of it (which suffering will get their lobbyists petitioning Uncle Sam right quick to change some laws), I’m just going to put the “activism” of anti-TSAers in the “cute little hobby” file.


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