Ahttp://twitchy.com/2012/04/30/twitter-you-have-a-problem/#reblogdd You know what, maybe it’s time conservatives dropped Twitter. If it’s that easy to abuse the flag-for-spam option (and it is — I flag pr0n Twitter accounts and m4rk3ting accounts all the time, but I thought the Twitter staff checked first, guess I was wrong) then it’s not an efficient social media app any more. Bite the bullet, consies, and delete your accounts.


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  1. This was, mostly a test of WordPress.com’s reblogging thing. But I’m sincere: maybe it’s time conservatives stopped whining about how unfair everyone is to them and started taking action. Drop Twitter, figure out some other way to advertise your websites. It’s a big internet and there’s no reason to concentrate the power on it in just a few places.

  2. Ceding ground to the leftards isn’t a viable strategy.

    Mayhap it’s time for the right to start employing the same tactic.

    • Well, breaking Twitter is another strategy. But if I’m against what the spam-blocker abusers are doing (and I am), I can hardly advocate that their victims use the same tactics. I’m not into — no, let me be frank, I really disapprove of that whole “it’s okay if our side does it” attitude. If something is wrong, it’s wrong, and no one should do it. Maybe I need to write a manifesto or something, because I don’t think I’m getting this across to people.

  3. I don’t like the idea of abusing the spam functions the way others do. The solution is LIGHT. Light is antiseptic for this. Ultimately, what they want is the same near-monopoly on the Internet that they’ve enjoyed in more mainstream venues. Rush, Fox, etc… There’s a reason people simply try to drive them from the airwaves instead of debating them on level ground.

    Simply seeking a counter-monopoly as a reply to the left isn’t a winner, long-term. Just level ground – an equal shot – let the ideas compete, and see who has better ones. Lefties hate that because it’s not the kind of fight they succeed with. I’d hate to think that I required my opponents to be silenced in order for my ideas to carry the day.

    • I agree — if you think your ideas are good, you are supposed to marshal evidence and build and argument in favor of those ideas. Simply attempting to silence those you oppose indicates that either you don’t have faith in your beliefs, or you just don’t care enough to fight for them.

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