Not a judge no not me

Okay, I was reading this website (on Livejournal, so I can’t really call it a “blog” because apparently calling LJ sites “blogs” kills puppies or something) that I enjoy because the writer of it is snarky and fun and then I saw where she said “I am not a book reader” in one of her posts and now I don’t know. My first thought was “Oh, that’s why you have all that time to watch and comment on television shows” but I got into this writer not for that but because she did a great sporking of Twilight the book not the movie. So I’m confused. And eh, I don’t know.

See, one of the reasons I don’t watch tv is I’d get antsy and always need a book on my lap because sometimes the images/words coming at me from the box felt like an assault and I’d need to take refuge in nice, quiet print. Computers are different — the reason I can handle the internet is because, to an extent, I control the information coming at me. I don’t like information overload and television seems like that to me. Also, I’d start reading and lose the thread of the show and that was frustrating in the days before cable and vcrs and endless repeats every day and sometimes twice a day as well as episodes hacked and put on Youtube the minute they appear on screen almost. When I was a kid you had to pay attention because this was the only time you’d get to see this episode until summer, and that’s only if you haven’t been dragged off on vacation to some boring beach by your parents or your sister insists on monopolizing the tv that evening (the evening of the Repeat Of The Show You Missed) so she could watch tennis or some damn thing.

Anyway — I seem to have lost the thread of this — I don’t get how you can say “I’m not a book reader.” I can see saying you don’t like to read books your favorite tv shows are based on or vice-versa (this thing was in a post about some tv show or other). Or you’re dyslexic? But a lot of people with reading disabilities or eye problems do read, they just use audiobooks or e-readers where you can change the font size or something like that. Anyway, I think I’ll just assume she meant she didn’t read books associated with tv shows. For my peace of mind.


3 thoughts on “Not a judge no not me

  1. I really loathe when people comment on books and they’re not readers, or they blatantly say I don’t read. Of course you read. You read road signs, and bar cork boards, and contracts, everyone reads. And if you don’t read for pleasure than of course you aren’t happy for books.

    I’m mean, so I would totally stop reading that blog, but that’s because my bookishness is over the top.

    • To be fair, it was in a post where someone commented on comparing the book of a tv show to the tv show, and I am sure she had actually read Twilight before posting about it. But yeah, the phraseology is just wrong if you do read at all.

      Actually, though, I don’t think everyone who doesn’t read for pleasure hates books. You can be uninterested in something without hating it. Of course, a lot of people do seem to hate books. I don’t think that’s what’s going on here though. Some people just prefer to get their entertainment from movies and television. I don’t know how they can stand it, but I’ve already explained my problem with “information overload” — though it’s not really information that overloads me in the case of television, but sound and images. You actually get less information from tv, because your brain (well, my brain) is busy trying to focus on just one thing and ignore all the rest of the noise. I think that’s why I stopped watching most tv all together a few years ago. TV as it’s gotten more “sophisticated” has also gotten more image and sound heavy. It’s just too much.

  2. I read while the TV is on in the background. I read, play a word game, and do about 5 other computer things at the same time, with the remote for fast-forwarding because I usually am “watching” something I recorded. Multi-tasking fool. Hell, I read on my iphone while I’m in the line in a store. Read, read, read, all day, all night, all the time, that’s me.

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