Things I never want to see or hear again anywhere

This thing people do where they compare some undesired event to being raped–unless said undesired event is actually you being subjected to forced sex, you need to quit making that analogy. No, having to do what your boss tells you to (except for unwanted sex with them) isn’t like being raped. No, being reprimanded for breaking some rule isn’t being raped. Paying a higher price than you’d like for something isn’t being raped. Having to fill out forms or go through some bureaucratic maze isn’t being raped. You know what is like being raped? Being raped.

Otherwise, no. The fact that your every moment isn’t a completely perfectly happy one where you get your heart’s desire is not the same as being sexually assaulted. Cut it the fuck out.

8 thoughts on “Things I never want to see or hear again anywhere

    • What in the utter fuck does that have to do with my post? Did I mention Islam or FHM anywhere? Did I ask people to provide things that were “worse than rape”? Do you just go to random posts that mention rape and put that in the comment threads? What the fucking hell.

      • In fact, you’re wrong there. Getting your sex organs mutilated is a form of sexual assault. But you still fail Reading Comprehension 101. I wasn’t asking for people to give me what they think is even worse than rape in an effort to “learn” me that rape isn’t the worst thing ever. The topic of this post is people comparing relatively trivial unpleasantnesses to rape.

  1. You brought to mind Florence King’s remark, apropos of a bit of ludicrous pop-psychologising, that “[t]he most disturbing and extreme form of necrophilia is necrophilia.”

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