Girls were girls and men were men

I’ve been hanging out on the Twitter and just saw the most terrifying thing someone retweeted: a woman praising her husband for doing the dishes “the first time since we were married.” But before that? She said, “I caved.”

To what the fuck did you cave, madam? To the idea that dish soap won’t in fact make your man’s testicles shrink up into his body? You know what, that’s pretty pathetic that in 2012 we apparently have women who think they’re getting some sort of special present when a man does some household chore.

Let me tell you something, my fellow Americans: men have always washed the dishes, cleaned the house, done the laundry, gone grocery shopping, and changed the kid’s smelly diapers. They did it in the 1800s. They did it in the 1700s. They did it in the 1950s. They just did, it was no big deal, there was none of this nonsense about women’s “proper roles” being anything to do with needing to eat off clean plates and not live in a pig sty. Just because some men managed to brainwash their wives into doing housework alone does not mean they should get special prizes when they finally get up off their lazy buttocks and wipe a plate or two. They have done nothing special. They have only done a task that needs doing. They certainly aren’t impressive because they’ve managed to avoid doing it all this time until now. There is nothing men do that is so great that means women have to wait on them hand and foot. For God’s sakes. I thought we’d moved past this nonsense.


4 thoughts on “Girls were girls and men were men

  1. I always wondered what would possess a person to move in with somebody who is so useless and immature. What’s the point of keeping such creature around the house? Is it fun to be treated like his unpaid maid?

    • That has to be it because Americans won’t do anything they don’t think is fun in some way. The fact that we’re still teaching girls that their happiest existence is to be their husbands’ servants enrages me.

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