It’s always been Zombie-O’Clock in Miami

Why the hell do you think I left? Well yeah, new boyfriend, cost of living, if I didn’t get out of that town I was going to burn it down… but one thing I really couldn’t stand was all the damn zombies. (Via.)


4 thoughts on “It’s always been Zombie-O’Clock in Miami

  1. Zombies? Zombies?

    Clearly, you’re not too proud. 🙂

    But it reminds me that the real world, which has living men who possess real moral agency, is a much more frightening place than one which has cheesy fictional plot devices which I would be able to (still) outrun and outthink (please, no smirking or derisive laughter) and don’t shoot back.

    Hurrah for Miami PD in any case–one less critter to trouble decent folk. The only way the story would be better would be if the report said the officer was an undercover man from the vice squad driving an impounded Ferrari.

    • Don’t be silly, the Ferraris are for the higher-ups, not the flunkies in vice.

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