I don’t even

Okay folks. I am on the Twitter (by the way, my handle is now @SpinsterAndCat), and I find this news: apparently the Senate wants to legalize propaganda. My first thought: oh great, more fascism. Then I had a second thought: I didn’t actually realize it was illegal. I mean, I thought the reason we didn’t see any more of those “the Commies are coming in the night for YOU!” things was because, well, no more Berlin Wall and stuff. I can’t find a link to anything on the above-linked page, though they say some stuff they got off Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a site that has a shitload of crap on just about everything and I’m too tired to go through it looking for this specific thing. So instead, read this amusing tale of a man who really, really wanted his taco. Anyway, maybe soon the government will be sending subliminal messages through our iPods to tell us to not be Commies or something. Also they can now lie to us which I’m sure that no government official has been able to do for years. *dismay*

Anyway, I am on the Twitter, because lately I’ve only been able to write in short bursts of 140 characters or less. It hurt me physically and psychically to type these many words in a text box, but I do it for you, my people.


6 thoughts on “I don’t even

  1. That’s nice that they had “outlawed” propaganda in the 1940’s, but it was just window dressing. All they outlawed was the production of really cool collectable posters, for the most part.

    Propaganda is defined as the manipulation of information to achieve a desired end. Propaganda could be all lies, all truth, or some combination of the two. Propaganda never went away. It was all just pious lip service, but minus the stylized “He might be listening!” posters, depicting a cartoon of a Muslim. Or a Rush Limbaugh fan, depending on who won the last election. Those old WW2 propaganda posters were cool. We should have been doing those all along, updated for the times.

    Meh, in other words. Meh, I tell you.

  2. Police tracked him down by the leaky fluids. Wonder if it was from his car, or it was taco grease.

    • Considering what happened to me the last time I ate at Taco Bell, probably the latter.

  3. Good to see I’m not the only one who joined the Twitter Revolution about four years after everyone else. Although I had to go and frack it up and create two accounts then get confused as to which one I really wanted to keep.

    • Shhh! I’m on a secret mission to destroy Twitter. My current scheme is changing my twitter name (or as I like to call it, “handle,” because I’m a child of the Seventies) over and over. Eventually I figure this will cause the whole thing to shut down. Eventually. Muahahaha and all that.

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