I still exist

Self-portrait, taken in Winchester last Sunday.

Fat White Woman With Camera

I have lots of thoughts, but also lots of exhaustion due to heat and work. So no posts using lots of words right yet.


3 thoughts on “I still exist

  1. Saw the report of storms go through your area and wondered how you’re doing. Hopefully you avoided the big damage and have power at your house. Hard to believe something that’s not a tornado could uproot so many big trees.

    • The power last night went on and off about a million times, but eventually stayed on. Streetlights & houses across the streets were out this morning though.

      Oh I’m used to things not tornadoes uprooting trees. Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Irene… Well, there are tornadoes inside hurricanes but the wind just has to be stronger than the tree.

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