The ugliest fountain in the Western Hemisphere

ugly fountain

Can be found in Winchester, Virginia, USA. I have no idea why it exists; most of these things have plaques or something denoting who constructed it and why, but apparently whoever brought this object into existence (sometime in the 1970s probably, because the hideousness, the colors, the tiny square tiles set in a random pattern, all scream “the No-Taste Decade”) was too ashamed to do so. It is a mystery.


5 thoughts on “The ugliest fountain in the Western Hemisphere

  1. I did way more googling about this thing and the only vague hint I found was to wonder if the disks are mill stones used to grind grain.

    There were quite a few pictures of it in Flickr..

      • I can’t really tell if the fountain’s in the line of fire. I hope they leave the trees alone; the trees there are nice. Re the ice skating rink: I wonder how they plan to keep the ice frozen if it’s outside. Actual days that stay below freezing here in winter aren’t all that common, though Winchester is 100 miles or so further north from where I live.

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