Whoops didn’t mean to neglect the site. (Ha ha, of course I meant to neglect it.) It’s just that I’ve been “busy.” Health matters are in a holding pattern. The cat’s doing well on her meds. Work hours are incredible and not in a good way (but I’m told this will change soon, yay, also Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m getting a bit of time off, don’t want to say how much so the Evil Restful Holiday Destroying Fairies don’t get wind of it), and, well, winter is approaching like a train made of slush and hellwinds.

I got a new phone (no big deal, just a slight upgrade to one with a tiny QWERTY keyboard, not a smartphone, oh no, we’re holding out until the last minute on that) and tried to set up posting to this blog, but for some reason everything I sent vanished into purgatory except for one short text post that went to my Gmail but not here. Even the link didn’t work. I can text to Blogger but it won’t accept photos so far. So that’s how things are going and I’m running out of ideas and I need to do a load of laundry.