Life, the Universe, and Everything Else

Well, it looks like a sick cat and long hours at work aren’t the only thing I have to deal with: guess who had to call 911 while at work because she almost passed out and get carted to the hospital? Yeah. And there I found out I have anemia from heavy menstrual bleeding, and other things, so now the cat isn’t the only one on meds and getting jabbed and prodded. Oh, and also? I have joined the Dark Side and am now on the Pill! Muahahaahaha!

Anyway, it turns out I have uterine fibroids, which are probably the cause of the bleeding, and thus the anemia. Look those bad girls up on Google if you like; let’s just say mine aren’t gigantic but apparently they’re big enough to cause trouble, like giving me heavy periods and so on. This past period, in fact, was a doozy, I’ve been at it for more than two weeks now, and possibly (now that I think about it) may have been sort of always bleeding, very lightly, for a very long time. I mean, you don’t just get anemia from one heavy period, though this is when everything decided to get acute. And reading the symptoms of anemia explains a lot about my life in the past few years that I always meant to get around dealing with… someday… when I could convince myself to get off my butt. Naturally that didn’t happen, so like a lot of people I ended up in the hospital. But the things I thought were due to not exercising or eating right, or allergies — the tiredness, the headaches, the crankiness, the general feeling of malaise, and in the past few years the occasional dizziness, difficulty sleeping, inability to concentrate, that “burned-out” feeling, and inability to wear a bra due to feeling breathless — these can all be explained by the fact that I didn’t have enough red blood cells to get enough oxygen to my brain. I’m on iron pills to bring up that count. I’m on birth control meds to stop the heavy bleeding. (Why yes, Virginia, and all you other states, there are other things the Pill can do besides entice women out of kitchens and into bars. I mean, my gynecologist was a cute young thing and she certainly wasn’t looking at this gray-haired, middle-aged lady and thinking “Gotta slut her up.” But I digress.)

By the way, everyone was as nice as pie despite my non-insured state. (Yes, I hadn’t gotten around to signing up for the insurance plan my employer offers. I’m going to pay for that stupidity, and only blame myself. But they have a financial aid plan, so it’s not like they’re going to show up and repossess my cat.) I got my own little room in the emergency area, and had my own tv with cable. I got to watch three Hammer horror films on TCM because come on, Hammer horror films! Two of them with Christopher Lee and one also had Peter Cushing! (The two with Lee were The Gorgon and The Devil Rides Out; the third was The Plague of the Zombies, had neither Lee nor Cushing but was quite a good film, though terribly racist, as old zombie films invariably were.) The experience of watching cheesy 60s horror films in a hospital emergency ward was… unique.

Anyway, I’m waiting for results of the biopsy the gynecologist I saw today took, and hoping someday soon not to feel so exhausted (hopefully the birth control will control the bleeding and the iron will take effect, though that takes a few months), so I can return to blogging and writing properly, and also get back into my photography, which has suffered from my lack of energy. The hospital doctor has me staying off work until Monday, so at least I’m getting some rest.