I hate zombies

I fucking hate them. No, really. Not as evil creatures that need to be destroyed — because, well, they’re fucking fictional creations that don’t really exist, yes I’m looking at all of you cutesy-poo “the Zombie Apocalypse is coming! Do you have your towel?” purveyors of bullshit.

I’m so tired of zombie stories as a subgenre. I’m tired of the undead insinuating their rotting cadavers into science fiction and fantasy alike. They’re gross, they smell (well, they would if they existed), and they are boring. At least supervillains can make conversation.

I don’t know, I’ve been looking into scifi and fantasy published by writers other than people who live in the “Anglosphere,” for one thing because I’m sick of the zombie fixation, and what do I find? More fucking zombie stories about zombies. FUCK ZOMBIES. Or rather don’t. Not because zombie-live-person hybrids are possible, but because that shit is gross. Also? THEY AREN’T REAL.