Comment Policy

Another month, another update to the comment policy.

I’ll make this short and sweet:

  • No trolling
  • No bigotry
  • No misogyny
  • No.

Violators will be deleted–well, their comments will. Alas, I have no power to delete actual bigots from existence. Yet.

That is all.

Addendum: commenting is available on new posts for 14 days. (Subject to change.)

2 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Andrea/

    I’ve followed you and your various travails sporadically since I somehow stumbled onto you circa 2004/5, partly because you make yourself hard to track via your various blog interrations, and partly because my life has been almost as chaotic as yours. I live in New Orleans, and Katrina certainly caused no little havoc in our (my family) lives. Since Katrina we have been bi-coastal, splitting time between N.O. and Marina del Rey where we landed post-Katrina.. I confess I dont check in nearly often enough, but as I am retired (age 68, ex-USAF fighter pilot and PhD–Poli-Sci) I follow almost 60 blogs daily and once one gets out of the mix it’s difficult psychologically to get it back in the “instrument-scan” so-to-speak. From the very start I found myself muy sympatico with you both because of your writing style and your views.–anyone who is both a Dr Who fan AND a follower of Professor Bunyip is definately on a sympathetic life-style harmonic at some visceral psychological level with me,.

    Introductions aside, what moved me to query you is your commenting policy. I am not at my own computer tonight and am using IE9, but no comments section appears beneath any post. Have you eliminated them entirely, or is it just this browser? (I am a Firefox/Chrome user) I rarely comment, but enjoy reading old comments. Some people close comments, but allow access for reading, while others close them off altogether after a given period. So…..have you given up comments entirely or is it a tech glitch? Please advise via e-mail. STILL enjoy reading you even if you limit comments, but would like the option..

    PS: I see you comment at Althouses’ place occasionally and elsewhere, (also@PJMedia if memory serves) but sad to say I’ve not been very “faithful” to you–apologies–guess if I visited more I wouldn’t have to wonder what you’re doing, right? lol.

    Best Regards/


    • I have comments set to shut off after a certain time — fourteen days right now. I’ve been really lazy about posting so none of the latest posts have them open. I’ve been trying to get back the gumption to post more but my work situation has been hectic and the cat’s been sick and so on.

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