Photo test


Some steps in front of a local house


The ugliest fountain in the Western Hemisphere

ugly fountain

Can be found in Winchester, Virginia, USA. I have no idea why it exists; most of these things have plaques or something denoting who constructed it and why, but apparently whoever brought this object into existence (sometime in the 1970s probably, because the hideousness, the colors, the tiny square tiles set in a random pattern, all scream “the No-Taste Decade”) was too ashamed to do so. It is a mystery.

I have this thing here

But who cares. Here’s a photo:
rest stop hillside

I took that with my digital last Sunday when I went up to Winchester. I also took some film photos, but most of them didn’t come out that great. Either I need a new battery for the camera, or I need to not use the cheap UV filter I bought at Walmart. I don’t know, does modern print film now compensate for UV better than it did when the Canon AE-1 Program was new? Photos I’ve taken without a filter look great.